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Fatou Sylla African Art is an exhibition of a lifetime's worth of Madame Fatou Sylla, of Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, collected from all over the world, tracing its roots to West Africa.






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View a traditional dance in a village in Liberia






The Bambara of Mali

"Mali's culture is diverse and fascinating. The Niger River has linked three major ethnic groups throughout history, and each contributes to Mali's welfare in its own way. The Bambara, the largest tribe in Mali, are generally the civil servants and live in the urban areas, such as Bamako, the capital of Mali. The Dogons and the Taureg practice the more traditional lifestyles. The Taureg are the desert Nomads, fierce fighters, and fine artists. The Dogon are Mali's industrious farmers, living along the delta of the Niger. Mali is famous worldwide for its music and its musicians. The Griots, a social caste in Malian society since the days of the empire, are the musicians of Mali. The musical culture is encouraged and supported in Mali in an effort to keep indigenous culture strong and vital."

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